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About the project

The aim of the Lowy Institute’s Migration and Border Policy Project is to produce independent research and analysis on the challenges and opportunities raised by the movement of people and goods across Australia’s borders. An important goal of the research will be to put Australia’s experiences in a broader regional and global context.

The Project includes workshops and roundtables which bring together external experts and government officials in an effort to build genuinely strategic approaches to complex migration and border issues. It also includes annual Border Policy Research Fellowships in which an officer of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will undert­ake research on migration and border policy issues at the Lowy Institute.

The Project is supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Latest publications

Australia and the anti-trafficking regime in Southeast Asia

This working paper reviews recent trends in human trafficking in Southeast Asia and the status of the anti-trafficking regime in ASEAN member states. It examines the role of Australian governments in helping establish and develop anti‑trafficking legislation and national referral mechanisms in ASEAN states and argues more can be done for victim protection. Photo: Getty Images/Jonas Gratzer

Economic migration and Australia in the 21st century

This Analysis assesses the benefits and challenges of contemporary economic immigration in Australia. It argues that Australian governments have managed significant recent changes to immigration policy successfully. The authors recommend various reforms to maintain public confidence in expansive economic immigration arrangements that are important for sustaining national prosperity.

Photo: Getty Images/Bloomberg

Reforming the international protection regime: Responsibilities, roles and policy options for Australia

In this Lowy Institute Analysis, Nonresident Fellow in the Migration and Border Policy Project Dr Khalid Koser argues that the international protection regime is failing and Australia has a responsibility to help fix it. Koser defines how promoting reform, at the domestic, regional and global levels, serves Australia’s national interest.

Photo: Getty Images/Gokhan Sahin

Australia and the 1951 Refugee Convention

In this Analysis, Khalid Koser argues that the implementation of the 1951 Refugee Convention is failing the interests of both states and refugees. Koser argues that Australia is well-placed to lead an international effort for reform.

Photo: Getty Images/Scott Fisher