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The Migration and Border Policy Project

The aim of the Lowy Institute’s Migration and Border Policy Project is to produce independent research and analysis on the challenges and opportunities raised by the movement of people and goods across Australia’s borders. An important goal of the research will be to put Australia’s experiences in a broader regional and global context.

The Project includes workshops and roundtables which bring together external experts and government officials in an effort to build genuinely strategic approaches to complex migration and border issues. It also includes annual Border Policy Research Fellowships in which an officer of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will undert­ake research on migration and border policy issues at the Lowy Institute.

The Project is supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


Latest Publications

Why teaching refugee children is so critical

Last year Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton made a link between refugee intakes and terrorism. He has also suggested an increase in the humanitarian refugee intake would result in ‘Illiterate and innumerate’ refugees either taking Australian jobs or languishing on government handout

Economic migration and Australia in the 21st century

This Analysis assesses the benefits and challenges of contemporary economic immigration in Australia. It argues that Australian governments have managed significant recent changes to immigration policy successfully. The authors recommend various reforms to maintain public confidence in expansive