In this short video I talk with East Asia Program Director Linda Jakobson about the conclusions of her new Analysis paper, launched today, China's Foreign Policy Dilemma.

As part of her research, Linda, who lived in China for twenty years before moving to Sydney to join the Lowy Institute, conducted extensive interviews with officials and experts in China on the new leaders, who were announced at the 18th Party Congress in November last year

Linda observes that foreign policy is hardly a pressing issue for China's new leaders. Domestic challenges, particularly the imperative of robust economic growth, will be the foremost concerns of Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. And that, she says, could be a 'recipe for disaster'. A reactive foreign policy fueled by nationalism is a cause for real concern as tensions with China's neighbours over disputed islands reach potentially explosive heights. 

In just three minutes, Linda Jakobson outlines why regional stability in East Asia could be under threat. This is a must watch. And a must read.