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Sidney Jones

Sidney Jones is the Director of the Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, Jakarta. From 2002 to 2013, she worked with the International Crisis Group, first as Southeast Asia project director, then from 2007 as senior adviser to the Asia program. Before joining Crisis Group, she worked for the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and New York; Amnesty International in London as the Indonesia–Philippines–Pacific researcher; and Human Rights Watch in New York as the Asia Director. She holds a BA and MA from the University of Pennsylvania. She lived in Shiraz, Iran, for one year as a university student, and studied Arabic in Cairo and Tunisia. She received an honorary doctorate in 2006 from the New School in New York.

Articles by Sidney Jones (13)

  • Santoso dead: Now for the next chapter

    One of the biggest manhunts in post-Suharto Indonesia has found its target, and Santoso, Indonesia's most wanted terrorist, is dead. He was found and shot on 18 July by the elite army unit Kostrad; not by the police who had been searching for him for the last five years.
  • What's next for ISIS in Indonesia

    What if there was a suicide bombing in Central Java — and no one cared? That is effectively what happened a week ago, on 5 July, the last day of Ramadan, when yet another inept Indonesian terrorist killed himself and no one else at the municipal police command in Solo.
  • Indonesia: No room for complacency as ISIS builds Jakarta network

    Jakarta has reacted to the Paris attacks with condolences, assurances that everything is under control, and scepticism from all sides that there could be any fallout at home. From senior officials to hardline Islamists, the message is that it can’t happen here. But it’s not that simple. It’s true that a coordinated attack on the scale of Paris is not going to happen in Jakarta or Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia.