Keep up with what's happening in the Pacific island region with our round-up of news, commentary & analysis: 

  • The parliament of PNG has a new website. It allows you to find out what your MP is doing via SMS, among many other things.
  • Also in PNG, the saga surrounding the potential arrest of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is far from over. Liam Cochrane provides this update (to 1 July).
  • Russia has become the latest contributor to the election observer mission to the forthcoming Fiji elections in September.
  • In Vanuatu, 'Wan Smol Bag' is celebrating 25 years of education and advocacy with an international theatre festival.
  • Giff Johnson makes it very clear: going to meetings to talk about climate change is not action. There are local priorities that require attention from governments and donors.
  • The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has US$9 million to spend on grants to NGOs in PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu for projects aimed at protecting biodiversity.
  • There are only 53 people living in Pitcairn Islands. And in the waters that surround them, there are record-breaking corals and dozens of unique species: