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The East Asia Program conducts research on the politics and foreign policies of the countries of East Asia, with a focus on how domestic politics in these countries shape external behaviour. Researchers focus on the countries and territories of North and Northeast Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. From 2020, the Institute's extensive research on Southeast Asia - including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Myanmar - is now incorporated in our newly-dedicated Southeast Asia Program. Each Program also commissions work by other scholars on the broader region. To complement their written research, Lowy Instiutute experts hold a robust series of dialogues and events on the politics of the region, independently and in partnership with other organisations.

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Bonnie S Glaser
Nonresident Fellow
Richard McGregor
Senior Fellow
Ben Bland
Director, Southeast Asia Program
Peter Cai
Nonresident Fellow
Merriden Varrall
Nonresident Fellow
Malcolm Cook
Nonresident Fellow
Bobo Lo
Nonresident Fellow

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If Beijing had been open about its own early failings, instead of triumphantly promoting its later achievements, China’s global image might have been enhanced by the crisis. Originally published in The Australian Financial Review.


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