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The International Security Program looks at strategic dynamics and security risks globally, with an emphasis on Australia's region of Indo-Pacific Asia. Its research spans strategic competition and the risks of conflict in Asia, security implications of the rise of China and India, maritime security, nuclear arms control, Australian defence policy and the changing character of conflict. The Program draws on a network of experts in Australia, Asia and globally, and is supported by diverse funding sources including grants from the MacArthur Foundation and the Nuclear Threat Initiative. It convenes international policy dialogues such as the 2017 Australia-ROK Emerging Leaders International Security Forum and has a record of producing leading-edge, influential reports.


Alan Dupont
Nonresident Fellow
Sam Roggeveen
Director, International Security Program
Michael J Green
Nonresident Fellow
Rory Medcalf
Nonresident Fellow
James Goldrick
Nonresident Fellow
Akiko Fukushima
Nonresident Fellow
Rohana Prince
2018 Thawley Scholar, International Security Program

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