Saturday 24 Jun 2017 | 18:09 | SYDNEY
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The 2017 Lowy Institute Poll Interactive

The 2017 Lowy Institute Poll looks at Australians' reactions to a turbulent year in world politics. The Poll, the thirtennth annual Poll by the Lowy Institute,  examines attitudes to important issues such as the importance of the US alliance in the Trump era, renewable energy,

2017 Lowy Institute Poll

After a turbulent year in global politics, the 2017 Lowy Institute Poll contains thought-provoking findings about how Australians have reacted to world events, and how they feel about the direction of our own nation

Jake Sullivan in Australia

Jake Sullivan (left) is the 2017 Lowy Institute Telstra Distinguished International Fellow. He is in Australia for talks with senior officials, media appearances and events in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. (Photo: Flickr/Obama White House