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The 2016 US Presidential Election

Time for Rubio to cut a deal with Trump

Marco Rubio should drop out of the White House race and become Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee. Rubio devotees; hear me out. First, some facts: Every Republican candidate who has been the frontrunner for as long as Trump has gone on to win the nomination. Never has a Republican

Bloomberg: Will he, won't he?

On the eve of the New Hampshire primary Michael Bloomberg has confirmed he is considering a run for the White House this year. The billionaire's interview with the Financial Times verifies a report a few weeks ago in The New York Times. It has also given every other candidate something to think

After Iowa: Trump down, but still the likely nominee

Results are now in for the first primary: Cruz for the Republicans, Clinton for the Democrats. What does this mean for the US presidential election 2016? For Republicans the Iowa result opens a can of worms. As I've argued previously, a Trump win in Iowa would have effectively ended the race.

Sanders: 'Unslick in a really slick way'

Who'd have thunk it? A 74-year-old who wants to raise taxes, describes the US economy as rigged, hates kissing babies, is pro-choice, and in favour of gay marriage, has just become Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare. OK so Bernie Sanders hasn't won the Iowa Democratic Caucus. But he has come so

The Iowa caucus: Become an expert

This rather splendid (and splendidly brief) video from Vox is a gift to US politics junkies. With the Iowa Caucus date of Feb 1  closing in, it's worth a watch if you want to understand how the Democrats and Republicans in this Midwestern state will decide their respective favourites in the

Why Trump is going to be the Republican nominee

Trump is going to win the Republican nomination. The GOP establishment and some (but not all) of the punditry class have finally awoken from denialist torpor and are yawning into this long-standing reality. Theories about how Trump loses the nomination have become increasingly incredible. The

Who votes, who doesn't, and why it might hurt Trump

First up this week is a great bit of television from two comic masters. Jon Stewart popped up on Stephen Colbert's Late Show and — with the help of wig and some Cheeto makeup — gave a rather splendid Donald Trump impression. Stewart wanted to make a plea for Congress to secure funding for

Conservatives are learning there's no bumping Trump

As noted by Crispin Rovere in 'The Shocking Truth: Why a Trump Presidency could be good for ANZUS', Donald Trump has boasted he hasn't had to spend any money on advertising because he gets so much free media coverage. And why not? The same straight talking that wows the crowds makes for terrific