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Election Interpreter 2013

Introducing Australia's new government: People and policies

 The centre-right Coalition parties have won the Australian election. Below, we introduce our readers to some of the key figures and policies of the incoming government, based on The Interpreter's 2013 election coverage. The people Early in the campaign Sam Roggeveen profiled Prime Minister-elect

The men who would minister war (II)

Part 1 of this profile of Labor's prospective new defence minister Mike Kelly MP and shadow Defence Minister Senator David Johnston appeared yesterday. For men who will have responsibility for administering war if their party is elected tomorrow, neither David Johnston nor Mike Kelly want to talk

The election, from overseas (part 4)

Marty Harris is an Assistant Digital Editor at the Lowy Institute. Prime Minister Rudd's defence of marriage equality on Q&A went viral: covered by TIME, BBC, The Independent, the UK Telegraph, The Washington Post, and many others. A YouTube clip of the Prime Minister's remarks has been viewed

Coalition releases its foreign policy

Yesterday afternoon, less than two days before Australia goes to the polls, the Liberal-National Coalition released its official foreign policy statement (the Labor Party is yet to release one). A few small observations about the document, followed by one big point: The statement has the clear

Bennelong, Australia and the world

Nicholas Stuart is right to say that there are no votes in foreign and defence policy, hence these two areas rarely get debated during election campaigns (he might have added foreign aid, too).  But these issues do creep into the national debate through proxies, as illustrated by the Sydney seat

Coalition announces cuts to foreign aid

The Liberal-National Coalition's decision to cut growth in foreign aid spending by $4.5 billion over the forward estimates has created a last-minute election debate about Australia's foreign aid commitments. Foreign Minister Bob Carr is yet to announce (at time of writing) the details of the Labor

The men who would minister war

Mike Kelly's got a plane to catch and a marginal seat to win, but offers some final advice for a defence minister: 'the first report you ever get in Defence on anything is invariably incomplete or wrong. Be very careful about rushing to judgement on anything'. It's good advice for the vastly

Washington adrift, needs Aussie PM with vision

Michael Green is Senior Vice President for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, a Professor at Georgetown University and a non-resident fellow at the Lowy Institute. It is always reassuring to see the protagonists in Australian federal elections stand united in

India missing from Abbott Asia priorities?

Danielle Rajendram is a Lowy Institute research associate. Her work focuses on Indian foreign and domestic policy, India-China relations and Asian security. In an attempt to bolster his Asia credentials, Tony Abbott has identified Indonesia, China, Japan and South Korea as his first overseas