Tuesday 28 Jun 2022 | 22:05 | SYDNEY
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Lebanon: Celebrating small change

Lebanon’s recently-completed parliamentary elections generated plenty of talk about the triumph of independents. But the elections themselves amounted to something of a curate’s egg – mostly bad but good in parts. Turnout was historically low. However, given the situation in which Lebanon

Iran’s energy diplomacy

Much is made of Iran’s use of proxy or allied groups to exert “hard power” influence throughout the Middle East where Tehran believes its interests are under threat (Lebanon), or sees an opportunity to exert greater influence (Syria, Iraq), or to act as a spoiler (Yemen). But far less is made

The other Arab diplomatic talks with Israel

Much publicity has been given to the news about Israel’s normalisation of relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and now what appears to be Sudan. But another set of bilateral negotiations has also recently occurred between Israel and an Arab state, which has garnered far less attention