Monday 16 May 2022 | 18:24 | SYDNEY
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Aus-PNG Network | ‘Infodemic’ - Social Media Misinformation and Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea

Covid-19 remains a significant challenge for Papua New Guinea. While case numbers appear to have stabilised after a big surge earlier this year, the virus continues to spread and put further strain on already-stretched healthcare resources. Much needed vaccines have arrived and a national rollout strategy has begun. But vaccine hesitancy is a huge concern – with frontline health workers among those reluctant to accept the vaccine. A major factor appears to be online misinformation – with conspiracy theories and fake news proliferating, and adding to the burden for those trying to reduce the pandemic’s impact.

In this online event, the panellists discuss the challenges of Covid-19 and social media misinformation in Papua New Guinea. Researchers at the ABC Media Development Initiative outline their latest data tracking the spread of online misinformation, and panellists to discuss the impact it has on health outcomes, and the broader community.

This event was hosted by Shane McLeod, a Research Fellow working with the Lowy Institute’s Australia-PNG Network, at 1pm AEST on Wednesday 19 May 2021.

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