Tuesday 18 Jan 2022 | 22:16 | SYDNEY
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In Conversation: Igor Yurgens (Canberra)

In recent years, Russia has asserted itself against neighbouring Ukraine, become a key player in the Syria conflict, allegedly interfered in US domestic politics, and been labelled by the US as a great-power competitor on the world stage. One of Russia’s finest political commentators, Igor Yurgens, discussed these and other major developments in modern Russia, in a wide-ranging conversation with Lowy Institute Senior Fellow Sam Roggeveen. Yurgens also took questions from the audience.

Igor Yurgens is Chairman of the Institute for Contemporary Development, a Moscow-based think tank dedicated to a modern Russia. He was one of former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s closest economic-policy advisers. He graduated from Moscow State University with a PhD in Economics, worked in the trade union movement in the USSR for more than two decades, and served five years in UNESCO.

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