Thursday 19 May 2022 | 11:09 | SYDNEY
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Indo-Pacific balancing act: in search of a middle power coalition — C Raja Mohan

The future of security in the emerging Indo-Pacific will not be shaped by the great powers alone. Home to some of the world's largest nations, the Indo-Pacific is beginning to see greater defence cooperation among the regional powers that transcends both traditional alliances and the inherited legacies of non-alignment. In this public lecture, C Raja Mohan explored how Australia and India can help construct a credible middle power coalition in the Indo-Pacific. Such an arrangement would reduce vulnerability to the vagaries of the U.S.-China relationship and help overcome the many dilemmas that now confront the region amidst the rise of China and the American pivot to Asia.

Dr C Raja Mohan is one of India’s leading strategic thinkers and commentators. He is Head of Strategic Studies and Distinguished Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, and a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowy Institute.

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