Tuesday 28 Jun 2022 | 22:51 | SYDNEY
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Indonesia Mini Update: Dave McRae interviews Arianto Patunru And Hal Hill

On 23 September the Lowy Institute for International Policy, in cooperation with the Indonesia Project at the Australian National University, hosted a 'Mini Update on Indonesia'. The Indonesia Update has been an annual event in Canberra since 1983. This is the eighth time we have held a Sydney version.

This Update evaluated the latest developments in the Indonesian economy and political system, as well as regional developments.

Following the event we chatted with some of the participants about the papers they presented.

Here the Lowy Institute's Indonesia Fellow Dr Dave McRae speaks with Professor Hal Hill and Dr Arianto Patunru from ANU about the links between political and economic decentralisation, governance and economic development in Indonesia.

The audio from the full event is available here: http://soundcloud.com/lowyinstitute/indonesia-mini-update

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