Wednesday 25 May 2022 | 14:06 | SYDNEY
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Lowy Institute Conversations: COP26 and beyond: fault lines in global climate policy

In this episode, Lowy Institute lead economist Roland Rajah is joined by Dr Vijaya Ramachandran and Dr Sam Geall to discuss the outcomes from the COP26 Glasgow Climate Change Conference and deeper rifts in international climate policy and politics. They discuss whether COP26 succeeded in 'keeping 1.5 alive', and China's role in global climate efforts given geopolitical tensions with the US. They also discuss whether some Western governments are engaged in 'colonialism in green', whether India played a 'spoiler' role at the talks, and the huge unmet need for greater climate finance to help poor countries. They also talk about where opportunities might lie for future progress in global climate policy. Dr Vijaya Ramachandran is the Director for Energy and Development at the Breakthrough Institute. Dr Sam Geall is a research fellow at the University of Sussex and associate fellow at Chatham House.

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