Thursday 30 Jun 2022 | 11:06 | SYDNEY
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Nicholas Gruen on intellectual property – Economics, diplomacy and Australia's strategic interests

As we transition towards a progressively more knowledge-intensive economy, IP arrangements will become increasingly important. Yet they have never received the attention they deserve from economists or policymakers.

On 19 October, the Lowy Institute hosted a lecture by prominent economic commentator Nicholas Gruen on how IP arrangements are increasingly constrained by international agreements. This lecture explored the basic economics of IP and suggest principles to which we should adhere in international IP diplomacy.

Nicholas Gruen is a prominent Australian economist and commentator on innovation. He is CEO of Lateral Economics, an economics consultancy, and Chairman of the Australian Centre for Social Innovation and the Open Knowledge Foundation. He was formerly Chairman of the Australian Government's Innovation Australia, and was a founding chairman of Kaggle, a data science company. He is widely published, with regular columns appearing in The Australian Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Nicholas's presentation was accompanied by a slideshow, which can be seen here.

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