Saturday 25 Jun 2022 | 17:41 | SYDNEY
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Panel Discussion: Australia, China and the fallout from the foreign influence debate

The Turnbull government has announced it will introduce legislation to combat foreign intervention in Australian politics, after allegations of interference by the Chinese party-state. The government’s critics, in turn, say it has mishandled the issue, alienating Australia’s biggest trading partner, and unfairly targeting Chinese-Australians.

Richard McGregor, the Lowy Institute’s Senior Fellow for East Asia, hosted a panel discussion with Adam Ni, Australian National University (ANU); Maree Ma, Vision Times; and Su-Lin Tan, Australian Financial Review, for a discussion on the Chinese party-state’s influence operations in Australia and their fallout in domestic politics, regional diplomacy, and within the Chinese-Australian community.

Adam Ni is a researcher at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU. His main areas of interest include China’s foreign and security policy.

Maree Ma is the General Manager of Vision Times, the largest independent Chinese-language media organisation in Australia.

Su-Lin Tan is a reporter with the Australian Financial Review, covering Asian business and trade in Australia.

Jason Li is Chairman of Vantage Asia Holdings, a member of the University of Sydney Senate, and a former member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on China.

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