Sunday 24 Oct 2021 | 05:35 | SYDNEY
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Thomas Wright on Donald Trump's worldview

On 22 March 2017 in Sydney, the Lowy Institute hosted an address from Brookings Research Fellow and Lowy Institute Nonresident Fellow Thomas Wright on the worldview of US President Donald Trump.

'Donald Trump believes the United States is in a steep decline because of its activities on the world stage. He believes the US-led liberal international order has failed Americans. He wants others to do more and pay more and he wants the US to focus on a very narrow set of national interests, rather than the broader notions of liberal order that have shaped US strategy since the Second World War.'

This is the stark judgement of Dr Thomas Wright, Research Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a Lowy Institute Nonresident Fellow. Dr Wright is one of the brightest young scholars of US foreign policy in Washington. He has led the debate on Donald Trump’s worldview, based on deep research into Mr Trump’s statements over three decades. Anyone coming to terms with what Donald Trump means for the world should start with Dr Wright’s work.

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