Tuesday 25 Jan 2022 | 19:57 | SYDNEY
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  • 25 Jan 2022 13:00

    AUKMIN shows the UK is a world away from Australia

    London’s global focus on malign authoritarian actors makes clear thinking and prioritisation impossible.

  • 25 Jan 2022 10:00

    Solomon Islands: cops bearing gifts

    Australia and China offer the archipelago nation a grab bag of policing options that often miss the mark.

  • 25 Jan 2022 06:00

    China’s new reality

    Forget geopolitics and military muscle flexing. Reality TV is where Beijing and Taipei can put aside their differences.

Panel Discussion: Kurt Campbell and Michèle Flournoy on unrest in America

On Thursday 11 June, Lowy Institute Executive Director Dr Michael Fullilove hosted an ‘in conversation’ online event with Kurt Campbell and Michèle Flournoy. They discussed the US presidential election, Washington’s relations with Beijing, the global implications of the coronavirus pandemic, and the unrest on America's streets.

Kurt Campbell served as the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Obama administration, where he is widely credited as a key architect of the “pivot to Asia.” He is CEO of The Asia Group, and serves as Chairman of the Board of the Center for a New American Security.

Michèle Flournoy served as the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2012. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WestExec Advisors and Co-Founder and former CEO of the Center for a New American Security, where she serves on the board.

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