Tuesday 11 Aug 2020 | 23:23 | SYDNEY
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G20 had 'no game plan'

G20 Director Mike Callaghan, tells Investor Daily the G20 has failed to cover a governance gap.

Digital Diplomacy

Alex Oliver spoke to the ABC about initiatives relating to e-diplomacy and the impact these have had on Australian diplomatic relations. 

Insensitive to trade finance

Director of the G-20 Studies Centre, Mike Callaghan, says that if the G20 wants growth it cannot think about this issue in isolation. 

China plans defence spending boost

Rory Medcalf told the Australian Financial Review that military spending appeared a high priority under the Chinese leadership, which creates 'deep anxiety' amongst China's neighbours. 

Eyes on Li – and tea leaves

In the Australian Financial Review, Rory Medcalf sees China's 12% defence budget increase as out of step with its level of economic growth. 

ANZAC's long shadow

James Brown joined Fran Kelly on Radio National to discuss the role the ANZAC legend plays in Australian society. 

The year ahead

In an interview with Geraldine Doogue on Radio National, Rory Medcalf gives his thoughts on 2014's foreign policy imperatives. 

Indonesia incursion by navy a 'mistake'

Rear Admiral James Goldrick says the Australian navy's incursion into Indonesian territorial waters was probably a mistake caused by confusion over maritime boundaries. 

G20 goes for growth

In the Australian Financial Review Mike Callaghan sees the G20's growth pledge as a pivotal reform. 

Chinese aid policy becoming more cooperative

Chinese aid in the Pacific could become more integrated into the work being done by more established aid donors. Dr Phillipa Brant says there are signs the Chinese government is starting to move away from it's previous unilateral approach and is adopting a more collaborative approach to assisting developing nations.  

Indonesia image poses bigger threats to Australia's image

Rory Medcalf argues that the new Australian government must act maturely in developing its response to the spying row. The way Australia proceeds has implications for its relationships with Indonesia and other partners in the Asia region. 

Bishop stands by criticism of Beijing

Julie Bishop maintains her criticism of China's ADIZ. Rory Medcalf argues that there are justified concerns over China's lack of consultation with regional partners. 

PNG gets moving on scourge of corruption

The decision of PNG's Supreme Court to allow an 812-page commission of inquiry into false compensation scames could lead to a change in government's approach to corruption.