Wednesday 27 Jan 2021 | 17:10 | SYDNEY
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India's Narendra Modi is good news for Australia

The recent Lowy Institute poll announces what the people of India think about corruption in the government and the affect it has on India's moving forward policy, read the full article by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Morrison announces Australian Border Force

Scott Morrison announces new tough measures regarding assylum seekers and 'stopping the boats' at a special conference at the Lowy Institute, broadcasted by SBS news.

Next-gen jihad

Anthony Bubalo speaks with Amanda Vanstone on the increase of foreign fighters coming from Australia into the middle-east, on ABC radio counterpoint.

US-Phillipines deal not a game changer

Aaron Connelly comments on the US's new decision to utilise military bases in the Phillipines with Deborah Kan from the Wall Street Journal Live.

New connections between Australia and PNG

On 6 February 2014, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon Julie Bishop MP announced further financial support for the Australia-PNG network, which is to be hosted by the Lowy Institute.

ANZAC's long shadow reviewed in the Monthly

James Brown's latest book, "ANZAC's Long Shadow" was reviewed in the Monthly. Judith Brett described it as "the most interesting and original book I have read on contemporary Australian public policy for a long time."

A bigger Australia?

Michael Fullilove's call for a bigger Australia was recently analysed by Nicholas Stuart in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

G20 had 'no game plan'

G20 Director Mike Callaghan, tells Investor Daily the G20 has failed to cover a governance gap.

Digital Diplomacy

Alex Oliver spoke to the ABC about initiatives relating to e-diplomacy and the impact these have had on Australian diplomatic relations. 

Insensitive to trade finance

Director of the G-20 Studies Centre, Mike Callaghan, says that if the G20 wants growth it cannot think about this issue in isolation.