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Interview: Linda Jakobson - East China Sea dispute

Linda Jakobson, Program Director East Asia, appeared on Australia Network News' Newsline program on the escalation of the territorial dispute between China and Japan over islands in the East China Sea.

What Israel's election means for U.S. relations

Anthony Bubalo, Program Director West Asia, was interviewed on Radio National's Drive program on what the results of Israel's election mean for Israel and for relations with its closest ally the United States.

New generation: Talking with PNG's Attorney-General

Keith Jackson & Friends' PNG Attitudes posted Alex Oliver’s blog post and interview with PNG’s Attorney-General, discussing ways to combat corruption in PNG and his attitude to the Manus Island refugee processing centre. The interview was conducted in late 2012 for the Lowy Institute's Leadership Mapping project.

PNG's new attorney-general targets corruption

On Australia Network News' Pacific Beat program, Jemima Garrett discussed processes to combat corruption in Papua New Guinea, using excerpts from the interview Alex Oliver conducted with PNG Attorney-General Kerenga Kua late in 2012 for the Lowy Institute's Leadership Mapping project.

Relaunching the G20

Media release
In a new Lowy Institute Analysis the Director of the Lowy Institute’s G20 Studies Centre, Mike Callaghan, argues that Australia should ‘relaunch’ the G20 when it chairs the forum

On the edge

An article in The Economist on Australia's history and geography, and its place in Asia, quotes the 2012 Lowy Institute Poll on public opinion and foreign policy.

Defence set to buy Super Hornets over cutting-edge fighter

In an article in The Sydney Morning Herald on the news that Australia will almost certainly be forced to buy 24 new Super Hornet fighter planes, David Wroe quotes Sam Roggeveen, Editor of the Lowy Institute's blog, The Interpreter.

Army bases to close under push to cut defence budget

In an article in The Sydney Morning Herald on the possible closure of dozens of military bases and army reserve depots under a drive to save money, David Wroe quotes Lowy Institute Military Fellow James Brown.