Mark Thirlwell

Former Director, International Economy Program & Fellow, G20 Studies Centre
Areas of expertise
Global economy / global economic trends; globalisation; rise of new economic powers; geo-economics; global economic governance (G-20)
News and media
One of Australia’s leading commentators on the international economy, Mark has been tracking global economic trends since he joined the Bank of England’s International Divisions in 1990 where he worked as part of the Whitehall Economists Subgroup, coordinating the forecasting of major emerging markets across the Bank, Treasury, the FCO and other stakeholders. Mark subsequently joined J P Morgan as a Vice President in Economic Research with responsibility for Central Europe. Before joining Lowy, he served as Senior Economist at Australia’s Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, working on sovereign risk with a particular focus on East Asia. Mark’s work at Lowy concentrated on the forces shaping globalisation. He has written major papers on the Indian economy, the state of the international trading system and the future of globalisation. Recent work has included publications on the post-crisis world economy, geo-economics and global governance, with the latter including participation in Think-20. Mark has degrees in economics from Cambridge and Oxford Universities and a postgraduate qualification in applied finance from Macquarie University.
National perspectives on global leadership during the Los Cabos G20 Summit
International Economy Program Director Mark Thirlwell is a contributor to a CIGI-Brookings Institution project on National Perspectives on Global Leadership.  The seventh…
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From the Fall of the Wall to the Fall of the Banks and beyond: three persistent problems for the global economy
In this 2010 working paper, Mark Thirlwell looks at the changing shape of a global economy that was born with the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. Mark Thirlwell
The spectre of Malthus
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The world economy, Murphy's law and Finagle's corollary
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Policy Briefs
A G-20 caucus for East Asia
In September 2009, the Pittsburgh Summit designated the G-20 as the world’s premier forum for international cooperation. The G-20 gives East Asia a significant presence at the top…
Policy Briefs
Message to the G20: Defeating protectionism begins at home
On 16 November last year, G20 leaders made a commitment to resist protectionism. According to the World Bank, by the end of February 2009, seventeen of the twenty had already …
After Doha: the search for Plan B
The Doha round of world trade talks has collapsed. After the negotiations were suspended back in July 2006, Mark Thirlwell wrote that – regardless of the ultimate outcome of the…
Policy Briefs
Geeing up the G-20
In this Policy Brief, Malcolm Cook and Mark Thirlwell make the case for a greater role for the G-20 in the international economic architecture.Malcolm Cook , Mark Thirlwell