Benjamin Tallis


Dr Benjamin Tallis is a fellow in the Hertie School’s Centre for International Security in Berlin. He was previously Senior Researcher at IFSH Hamburg and at the Institute of International Relations in Prague where he also headed the Centre for European Security. Benjamin Tallis worked on security missions for the EU and OSCE in the Balkans and former Soviet Union as well as, most recently, at the European Centre of Excellence for Civilian Crisis Management, and has advised governments around Europe and North America. He has published in academic journals including Security Dialogue and Globalizations and in media outlets such as The Independent and Politico and has a book on Borders, Security and Identity in Europe forthcoming with Springer.

“Strategic autonomy” is more dangerous for Europe than AUKUS
“Strategic autonomy” is more dangerous for Europe than AUKUS
Breaking from the United States would militarise the European Union to the extent that it would become unrecognisable.