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Research Fellow, East Asia Program
Lowy Institute
Areas of ExpertiseSoutheast Asian politics and foreign policy; the US role in East Asia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the South China Sea
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Southeast Asian perspectives on US–China competition

Southeast Asians inhabit a region increasingly shaped by competition between the United States and China. This joint Lowy Institute–Council on Foreign Relations Report seeks to highlight the perspectives of leading scholars of international affairs from Southeast Asia on important issues facing

Indonesia in the South China Sea: Going it alone

While Indonesia under Jokowi can be expected to continue to take unilateral action to reinforce the Indonesian position around the Natuna Islands, Jokowi has not played an active diplomatic role on the broader South China Sea issue. In the longer term, Indonesia is better off investing in diplomatic

Obama and the Israeli story

President Barack Obama made what is likely to be his final trip to the Middle East as president on Friday to deliver a eulogy for Shimon Peres. It was full of personal memories of his conversations with Peres, who for most of Obama's presidency was his protocol opposite in Israel and, perhaps more

The problem with American assumptions about Australia

US and Australian defence cooperation has always been close, but there has been a step change under the Obama Administration's 'Rebalance' policy. After years at war together in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Indo-Pacific is now the theatre of cooperation: thousands of US Marines and dozens of US

Myanmar tense as transfer of power approaches

In July 1990, weeks after Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) won elections held at the end of May of that year, party spokesman Colonel Kyi Maung was asked whether the junta should be concerned that the NLD would take its revenge on the military brass once it came to power. In

Myanmar on the brink

On Sunday, most Myanmar citizens will go to the polls for the first time in their lives, or at least in the last 25 years. Dispatches from journalists in Myanmar have highlighted the enthusiasm of crowds greeting opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi as she has traveled around the country, and

Obama should encourage Jokowi to lead in East Asia

Later today, Indonesian President Joko Widodo will become only the latest Asian leader to arrive at the White House for consultations with President Barack Obama. But Obama’s talks with Jokowi, as the president of the world's third largest democracy is known, will be quite different from his

The TPP is not a containment strategy

Is the TPP an effort to contain China? If you've been reading the papers or glancing at social media recently, you could be forgiven for thinking so. The New York Times didn't quite use the word containment, but argued that the agreement was a 'win for the United States in its contest with China.'

Jokowi motivated by misplaced conviction, not politics

As Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran spend what may be their final hours on the prison island of Nusa Kambangan, there is anguished confusion in their home country as to how an Indonesian president elected on a platform of reform could sentence so many to their deaths for so little.

Four ways to look at Jokowi's new Cabinet

President Jokowi announced his first Cabinet on Sunday evening on the grounds of the State Palace, six days after his inauguration and four days after he scrubbed carefully orchestrated plans to unveil his selection of ministers at Jakarta's port. The initial announcement was delayed after Jokowi

Will Jokowi skip the G20 in Brisbane?

Indonesian president-elect Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi, will be inaugurated today in a ceremony in Jakarta to be attended by Tony Abbott and the leaders of a handful of other neighbours. Abbott's presence is a sign of the importance Australia attaches to the relationship. But will Jokowi

Prabowo loses election, but how will he respond?

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, best known as Jokowi, has won the race to become the next president of Indonesia. His rival Prabowo Subianto has refused to concede, however, setting up a showdown over the results that could last until late August. We know Jokowi won because a collection of