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Areas of ExpertisePolitical and strategic developments in East Asia; transnational security issues; intelligence; Australian national security and defence

When Turnbull meets Trump

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first face-to-face meeting with President Donald Trump is an opportunity to deliver some key messages about the role the United States should play globally and in Asia. Photo: Getty Images/Pool

Paris: Turnbull's chance to build a new climate consensus

It's been disappointing, and a little depressing, to see how parochial and partisan the issue of climate change has become in recent years in Australia, to the detriment of good policy and intelligent national debate. There is far too much name-calling by opposing advocacy groups locked into

The fog of 'regular' war

Hugh White's considered response to the questions I posed in our recent exchange on the fundamentals of Australian defence strategy prods me to elaborate on my previous arguments as well as to make some counterpoints. On the question of irregular warfare, we seem to be in agreement that it is

Why Australia needs full-spectrum defence

Given he was the principal author of the 2000 Defence White Paper, it is reassuring to know that Hugh White agrees with me that Australian strategic policy needs a rethink, even if he is not persuaded by all of my prescriptions. So, in the spirit of a full and frank debate about what needs to be

Indonesian ties much tighter

In an opinion piece in The Australian, Alan Dupont, Non-resident Senior Fellow at the Lowy Institute, comments on the remarkable recovery in Australia's strategic relationship with Indonesia in the last decade

An Asian security standoff

Lowy Institute Non-resident Senior Fellow Alan Dupont has published an article in the May-June 2012 issue of The National Interest on how the dissolution of the Old Order in East Asia has created a delicate power balance there. The full text of the article is available here