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Areas of ExpertiseAustralian political culture and foreign policy; the history of US-Australia relations

Turnbull brings nuance to the US Alliance

The reaction to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's speech at CSIS this week revealed once again some of the fault lines in the debate over the Australian-American alliance. Hugh White contended that Turnbull had failed to live up to some of his earlier pronouncements on the implications of China's

Is Anzac Day a remembrance or a sedative?

The Gallipoli Centenary may well be the biggest civic cultural event this country has seen or will see in a generation.  The commemoration of the First World War in various forms has been undergoing something of a resurgence in Australia in recent years. In itself this is an extraordinary

Malcolm Fraser: A man of foreign policy principle

Much of the commentary surrounding the sad and unexpected passing of Malcolm Fraser has rightly focused on his record in opposing continued white majority rule in the former Rhodesia and his implacable opposition to apartheid in South Africa. Fraser's record on these issues, as Bob Hawke commented

Knighthood decision blights Australia's international image

When Prime Minister Tony Abbott restored knights and dames to the Australian honours list in 2014, I said in an Age column that in the symbolic landscape of Australian civic culture, his move stood as one of the most pompous, pretentious, nostalgic and self-indulgent prime ministerial decisions in a

On Whitlam and the US alliance

The passing of Gough Whitlam was always going to be a seismic moment in Australian national life. As Paul Kelly writes in today's Australian, the former Labor leader lived 'long enough to see his life mythologised in the national story'. Debate has and will continue to rage about his legacy, both