Tuesday 05 Jul 2022 | 08:20 | SYDNEY
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Quick Comment: M Chatib Basri on economics and Indonesia

Following today's eleventh annual Sydney Indonesia Update, Lowy Institute Nonresident Fellow Stephen Grenville sat down with former Indonesian Finance Minister and Thee Kian Wie Distinguished Visiting Professor at ANU M Chatib Basri to discuss all things Indonesia and economics, including where

On Australian public opinion, Xi gets it wrong

With the G20 leaders' summit in full swing earlier this week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been meeting with leaders from the UK, India, France and China. Turnbull had much to discuss with Xi Jinping in particular, as The Australian's David Crowe reported: An

Q&A: ABC's flagship soft-power program?

In her address to the Lowy Institute Media Award dinner, ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie emphasised the ABC’s soft power potential. Afterwards, Radio National presenter Mark Colvin asked her about what exactly her comments meant (Colvin's question can be heard in full from 38:27 in this

Lydia Khalil on Q&A

Last night Lydia Khalil, counter-terrorism expert and Lowy Institute Nonresident Fellow, went on a US-election focused episode of Q&A, an ABC current affairs panel show, along with Bob Carr, P. J. O'Rourke, Linda Tirado and Crispin Rovere (who has written frequently for The Interpreter on

Quick Comment: Andrew Scobell

In this Quick Comment, the Lowy Institute's International Security Program Director Euan Graham talks to RAND Corporation's Andrew Scobell on how China perceives US strategy and decision-making, China's past experience with alliances (and the relative absence of contemporary Chinese allies), and

What we know about Penny Wong and foreign policy

Over the weekend Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition, announced a fairly major reshuffle of the Labor shadow ministry. Tanya Plibersek has left foreign affairs for the domestic battleground that is education; Senator Penny Wong (formerly of the trade and investment shadow ministry) will take her

Media access to Nauru is Australia's concern

Last week David Aedang, Nauru’s newly re-elected government, released a statement taking aim at Australian and New Zealand media outlets for their allegedly unethical and biased coverage, specifically naming four of them: ‘It’s time for the Australian and New Zealand media to show more

Video: Islam, Islamism and secularism

An excellent quick video published by The Atlantic and narrated by Shadi Hamid, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution on the historical and contemporary role of Islam in Middle Eastern politics: (h/t @BrendanTN_

John Howard and the Chilcot Inquiry

Last night all two million plus words of the Report of the Iraq Inquiry (otherwise known as the Chilcot report) were released to the general public. The Chilcot Inquiry found that Iraq did not present an imminent threat at the time of military action, that diplomatic efforts seeking disarmament had

How the world sees Australia's election (part 4)

After eight weeks of campaigning, the Australian election is still not yet over. As the New York Times's Michelle Innis summarises: As of Monday, neither the Liberal National coalition, led by Mr. Turnbull, nor the Labor Party, led by Mr. Shorten, had won enough seats to form a government outright.

The 2016 Lowy Institute Poll interactive

Today the Lowy Institute launched the 12th annual Lowy Institute Poll, which asks Australians how the feel about issues concerning the world and Australia's place in it. As always, there are many interesting findings; for analysis of this year's results, see Alex Oliver's post from this morning.  

Quick comments: Robin Niblett and Martin Wolf on Brexit

Next month, Britain will vote on whether to leave the European Union. How are both sides' campaigns affecting British politics? How would either outcome affect Britain's relationship with the EU? And if Britain votes to stay, what are the prospects for a similar referendum in the future? Yesterday

How the media reacted to Di Natale's Lowy Institute address

Yesterday Senator Richard Di Natale, the leader of the Australia Greens, addressed the Lowy Institute on foreign policy issues ranging from the impacts of climate change, the US alliance, submarines, the Australia-East Timor maritime border dispute, and Australia's asylum seeker policy. Di Natale

Subs and ships: The merits of domestic builds

Yesterday the government announced the commissioning of dozens of naval vessels. In an effort to stave off the industry 'valley of death' between major projects, planned construction of 12 offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) in South Australia will begin in 2018. In 2020, previously scheduled

How Hollande fed the trolls

Back in February, the New Zealand Army's public affairs manager Matt Boulton wrote a blog post for the Australian Army on his organisation’s experiences with social media. Among the many good points he raised was the unintuitive notion that those who ‘like’ you don’t necessarily 'like you

Quick comment: David Dollar on the yuan

Brookings senior fellow and and Chinese economy expert David Dollar is in town as the 2016 G20 Studies Centre Visiting Fellow. David was a World Bank country director for China and Mongolia, and the US Treasury Department's economic and financial emissary to China. He's had a busy few days, speaking

Australia in Antarctica

Last week Simon Romero from the New York Times wrote a fascinating piece on the geopolitics of Antarctica, and in particular on the burgeoning Chinese and Russian presence on the continent: More than a century has passed since explorers raced to plant their flags at the bottom of the

Michael Fullilove on Q&A

Last night Michael Fullilove, Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, appeared on foreign-policy focused edition of the ABC's Q&A program, having just concluded delivering the 2015 Boyer Lecture series, 'A larger Australia'. Joining him were Bob Carr, Alison Broinowski, Emily Howie and Sow Keat

To effectively counter ISIS online, we need a narrative

Back in April, Fergus Hanson highlighted the glaring need for a global response to ISIS in the cyber domain, and welcomed the announcement of an $18 million initiative to counter extremist propaganda online from the Australian Government. Last month Defence Minister Kevin Andrews announced the

Google responds to News Corp's Robert Thomson

In his wide-ranging address to the Lowy Institute Media Award dinner earlier this month, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson took umbrage with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, which he termed 'distributionists'. These companies, Thomson argued, have ushered in an 'age of content distribution' which

Alex Oliver on Q&A

Last night Alex Oliver, Director of the Lowy Institute's Polling Program, appeared on the ABC's Q&A program, along with John Hewson, Michael Ware, Amanda Rishworth and John Stackhouse. See highlights from her appearance below, or watch the entire program here.   #ICYMI Our greatest asset is our

The 2015 Lowy Institute Poll interactive

On Tuesday the Lowy Institute launched the 11th annual Lowy Institute Poll, which explores Australian attitudes towards issues such as climate change, the death penalty, and regional security. The Poll was launched with an interactive, which allows you to explore results by category and examine

Diplomats, trolls and memes

    Barack Obama's tweeting entranced the media earlier this week, but he isn't the only US official making Twitter-related headlines;  the social media service has recently played host to a number of high-profile disputes involving senators, ambassadors and spokespeople. US