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Areas of ExpertiseChina's economy; China's diaspora; the Belt and Road Initiative

Why India distrusts China's One Belt One Road initiative

One of China's most ambitious economic and foreign policy projects is the so-called One Belt One Road initiative. It aims to connect the disparate regions in China's near and distant neighbourhood through a massive program of infrastructure building. It's President Xi Jinping's personal project, and

The Global Times and Beijing: A nuanced relationship

How seriously should we take China's Global Times? This always interesting question is particularly pertinent after the nationalist tabloid took aim at Australia on Saturday, referring to Australia as a 'paper cat', and promising revenge for Australia's position on the South China Sea dispute. 

China's doves break cover to criticise foreign policy

The Global Times is one of the favourite publications for Western journalists and pundits on China. The nationalist tabloid is known for its hawkish stance and colourful English language. If you are looking for a punchy quote, the Global Times never disappoints. The paper’s editor-in-chief Hu

China targets foreign elites in scholarship push

For years, governments and foundations have used scholarships as instruments of diplomacy. The Brits have Rhodes and Chevening, the Americans have Marshall and Fulbright, and the Australian government has created a lot of goodwill in its neighbourhood through the New Colombo Plan. The logic is

How long can China stay neutral in the Middle East?

In 2005 George Clooney starred in the geopolitical thriller, Syriana. One of the movie's plot lines involved competition between Chinese and US oil interests in a fictional, oil-producing, Middle Eastern emirate. There is a memorable scene of Arabic-speaking Chinese oil executives shaking hands