Monday 17 May 2021 | 12:53 | SYDNEY
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PNG shootings are not a Tiananmen moment

    The reporting on the tragic confrontation between students and police at the gates of the University of Papua New Guinea on Wednesday reminded me of a comment made some years ago when I was covering a landslide in the PNG Highlands. Initial reports out of Port Moresby this week

A constitution Papua New Guinea can be proud of

Once again, the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court has demonstrated its forthright independence by finding against the PNG Government over the legality of the Australian funded Manus asylum seeker detention facility. In a five to zero ruling, the judges declared that the Manus Island Processing Centre

Papua New Guinea: Every day a field day for lawyers

The senior courts in Papua New Guinea have a rather impressive record of not doing the bidding of the government of the day. There was another example of this just a matter of days ago when three judges sitting as a Supreme Court bench dismissed all orders preventing anti-corruption officers from

Preaching to the converted

I have been delighted with the responses to my paper The Embarrassed Colonialist on the The Interpreter site. It has been titled a debate but all the main contributors have been very kind in their comments, generally agreeing with the thrust of my argument; that Australia and Australians need to

The Embarrassed Colonialist

Forty years after independence, Papua New Guinea is the largest single recipient of aid from Australia. Yet Australians seem to be largely ambivalent about the country. Few Australians know the history of our colonial rule in PNG and our ties to the country are being forgotten.