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Shrinking the distance
In this opinion piece for The Indian Express, Rory Medcalf explores prospects for deepening Australia-India relations as discussed at the 2014 Australia-India Roundtable…
2014 Australia-India Roundtable: Outcomes Statement
Relations between India and Australia have reached a new maturity, based on deepening connections between their societies, economies, education sectors and policy establishments…
Tony Abbott's diplomatic wobbles reveal challenges of new world order
In the Sydney Morning Herald, Anthony Bubalo and Michael Fullilove review why the Australian goverment seems to be staggering from crisis to crisis, arguing it has…
United States-New Zealand Relations: Where to in 2014?
In this guest post for cogitAsia, Jack Georgieff asks whether a change of government at next year's general election in New Zealand could lead to a cooling in relations with…
Abbott's failure to listen escalates spying row
In an opinion piece in The Drum, Lowy Institute Research Fellow Dr Dave McRae says that Tony Abbott's failure to proactively defuse the spying row with Indonesia has…
China throws away a chance to lead
In this piece for the Wall Street Journal, Rory Medcalf argues that China has allowed its territorial dispute in the South China Sea to distort its diplomatic response to Typhoon…
History of shared sacrifice unites India, Australia
In this article for The Australian, Rory Medcalf argues that Australia must look to its growing and influential Indian diaspora communities in order to build the…
Lowy Lecture Series: 'Indo-Pacific balancing act - In search of a middle power coalition' by Dr C. Raja Mohan
On 9 October 2013, leading Indian strategic thinker and Lowy Institute Nonresident Fellow Dr C Raja Mohan delivered a public lecture on the prospects of developing a middle…
India's subtle China strategy
In this article for The National Interest, Danielle Rajendram argues that India deserves more credit for the way it has managed its relations with China in the face of…