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Lowy Institute Papers
The paramount power
In a Lowy Institute Paper entitled The Paramount Power: China and the Countries of Southeast Asia, Dr Milton Osborne examines how China's relations with Southeast Asia have…
Lowy Institute Papers
Shared secrets: intelligence and collective security
In a Lowy Institute Paper, Dr Simon Chesterman of New York University writes on the relationship between intelligence and collective security.Simon Chesterman
Lowy Institute Papers
Permanent friends? Historical reflections on the Australian-American alliance
This paper is the best short history of the Australia-US alliance. In this paper Peter Edwards AM places the alliance in historical perspective and considers the challenges faced…
Lowy Institute Papers
Re-imagining PNG: culture, democracy and Australia role
Australia has, perhaps, no closer or more complicated a bilateral relationship than that with Papua New Guinea. Australia is deeply entwined with its nearest neighbour and has a…
Lowy Institute Papers
The new terms of trade
In this 2005 Lowy Institute Paper, Mark Thirlwell surveys the changing international trade landscape. The inability of policymakers to deliver the Doha Round has become a powerful…
Lowy Institute Papers
Balancing act: Taiwan cross-strait challenge
In the last decade, Taiwan's society has changed rapidly in ways that are challenging the cross-strait status quo.Malcolm Cook , Craig Meer
Lowy Institute Papers
Joining the caravan? The Middle East, Islamism and Indonesia
September 11 2001 and the Bali Bombing in November 2002 evoked images of a militant Islamist wave sweeping the globe from the Middle East, radicalising once peaceful Muslim…
Lowy Institute Papers
Diaspora: the world wide web of Australians
In this Lowy Institute Paper, Dr Michael Fullilove and Dr Chloë Flutter argue that the community of Australian expatriates is a great asset for this country. Michael…
Lowy Institute Papers
Unsheathing the Samurai sword: Japan changing security policy
Japan emerged from World War II as the only country in the world to completely renounce war as a sovereign right. Despite this proscription, Japan’s self-defence forces form a…