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Why do jihadis do what they do?
Mainstream Muslim clerics can best challenge the violent fringe of their religion and defeat toxic ideas. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review. Rodger Shanahan
Islamic State's three tactics that will bring terror closer to home
Originally published in ABC Opinion. Lydia Khalil
The World’s Most Complicated Single-Day Election Is a Feat of Democracy
Indonesia’s ability to hold free and fair polls illustrates many of the oft-hidden processes that, beyond the simple act of casting ballots, underpin democratic societies. …
Japan can teach Australia how to carefully handle China
Scott Morrison needs to study Shinzo Abe's resolve. Originally published in Nikkei Asian Review. Richard McGregor
China has lost Taiwan, and it knows it
So it is attacking democracy on the island from within. Orignally published in the New York Times. Natasha Kassam
Are our politicians a security risk?
Should spooks vet the reliability of parliamentarians? It is not clear that doing so would benefit our democracy. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review. Daniel…
Pacific islands avoid China's 'debt-trap' diplomacy for now
Beijing's interest in the region sparks fears it is making unsustainable loans. Originally published in Nikkei Asian Review. Alexandre Dayant
Four men, three Indonesian contradictions
The choice of running mate by both candidates illustrates their efforts to overcome Indonesia's size, diversity and difficulty to govern. Originally published in the …
Indonesia must seize trade war opportunity
Jakarta needs export-boosting policies to draw global manufacturers diversifying away from China. Originally published in Nikkei Asian Review. Ben Bland