Today the Lowy Institute launched the 12th annual Lowy Institute Poll, which asks Australians how the feel about issues concerning the world and Australia's place in it. As always, there are many interesting findings; for analysis of this year's results, see Alex Oliver's post from this morning.
As has been the case for the past few years, the Lowy Institute has also launched an interactive alongside the Poll report. Doing the research is only half the battle; finding the best ways to communicate that research to the general public is also a key concern for any think tank. Unlike the majority of our research output, the Poll consists of many discrete bits of data rather than a single cohesive argument or exposition on a particular topic. Presenting these findings in the format of an interactive which both sorts results into categorises and facilitates the quick navigation of these categories means that readers can isolate the information most relevant to their interests.
You can explore the Poll results below, or download a copy of the report here.