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Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 | 19:05 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 19 Mar 2019 | 19:05 | SYDNEY

Aid and development links: War in Yemen, inequality rankings, cash transfers and more

Yemeni people collect rubbish for recycling from a garbage dump in Sana'a, Yemen, March 2017 (Photo: Getty Images/Anadolu Agency)



20 March 2017 16:46

  • Two-thirds of the population of Yemen are facing severe food shortages, with the ongoing civil war raising concerns of a potential for widespread famine in the country.

  • Priti Patel, UK Secretary for International Development, is giving a speech today that is expected to provide a robust defence for Britain’s aid spending, which she herself has criticised in the past.  

  • Laurence Chandy and Brina Seidel at Brookings have recalibrated Gini measures of income inequality for 134 economies to account for missing data and bring about a significant reshuffle in the rankings of country inequality.

  • Chris Blattman has a letter to Bill Gates on Vox discussing Gates’s latest annual letter and how instead of giving poor people chickens, Gates should be advocating to give them cash.

  • A new report from Annalisa Prizzon and Andrew Rogerson at Overseas Development Institute provides a case study of Indonesia’s progressive movement away from being an aid recipient this century, and how this phenomenon has changed the country’s relationships with development partners.

  • Robin Davies takes a look at the profound aid implications of the Trump Administration’s 2018 budget outline. As Davies notes, ‘it won’t get through Congress as is but it gives a good sense of where the battlefields will be.’

  • The Centre for Global Development hosted an expert panel to debate the budget preview, which is summarised here (video below):

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