By Chloe Hickey-Jones, an intern in the Institute's Melanesia Program

  • Antony Funnell on the ABC's FutureTense program asks 'Whatever happened to 'foreign' aid?' Listen to the full podcast here.
  • Jonathan Pryke explains the good and bad of Australia's aid budget for 2016. We have now reached historically low levels of aid generosity.
  • Stephen Howes from DevPolicy also provided commentary over the latest aid cuts at the 2016 aid budget breakfast.
  • The first ever World Humanitarian Summit will take place later this month in Istanbul in the hopes of garnering greater global solidarity for humanitarian crises.
  • And in case you missed it, last week the Climate Action 2016 Summit took place, sponsored by the World Bank Group and the UN. The Summit focused on sustainable mobility and global transport systems.
  • However cracks are already appearing, with Medecins Sans Frontieres pulling out of the Summit due to concerns over government accountability.
  • This Buzzfeed long read assesses the humanitarian response to the Nepal earthquake one year on. It has not gone well.
  • Hunting for a job in international development? WhyDev collated the five best websites to help start your search.
  • Lastly, watch below a video from the World Bank on a culinary training program in Peru aimed at bringing underprivileged kids out of poverty: