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Aid & development links: Miserly Australia, Deaton's latest, Uganda's twitter hit and more



19 July 2016 13:39

  • The President of the World Bank has lashed out at the poor financing response to the Ebola crisis, claiming the escalation could have been avoided.
  • Stephen Howes reflects on why Australia is so stingy when it comes to aid and development despite the fact that we are surrounded by developing countries – perhaps we just don’t have the imagination to fathom the conditions in which some people live in our nearest neighbours.
  • In response to a recent policy brief claiming that legislation around foreign aid doesn’t seem to achieve much, Jo Spratt argues that there is much merit in trying to get aid legislation right.
  • Angus Deaton, the recent Economics Nobel Laureate for his work on poverty, wonders whether we should spend so much time looking at other countries' poverty.
  • One of my favourite development economists, and Turkish native, Dani Rodrik reflects on Turkey’s baffling coup.
  • Britain’s aid program, the second largest bilateral program in the world, has a new Minister, Priti Patel, who called for the department's abolition in 2013.
  • Ugandan President Museveni pulled his motorcade over on the way to an event and sat on a folding chair to make a half hour phone call. When the photos came out Ugandan twitter had a blast with the new #M7Challenge. (h/t Katherine Hoffmann and Chris Blattman)

  • Finally, don’t think you have enough development jargon words in your latest international development paper? Load it up to the International Development Jargon Detector and see how you perform!

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