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Aid & development links: Red Cross waste, new US law, fuure aid agencies and more



11 July 2016 11:38

  • The Washington Post reports on research from Uganda into a government program that may be one of the most effective and affordable ways to combat deforestation in a country that has some of the fastest tree loss rates in the world.
  • NPR’s Tiny Spark podcast has an excellent conversation with Laura Sullivan who exposed massive waste and inefficiency in the Red Cross.
  • David Evans has written an in depth set of links on recent research into education systems in developing nations.
  • The US Congress has approved the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act, which was introduced more than five years ago. Devex has a good summary of what this means for US foreign aid.
  • Robin Davies details  the various aid transparency portals that are available out there, and what gaps remain. Anthony Swan writes about the importance of data in development policymaking more broadly.
  • Here in Australia, the Coalition has finally declared victory but the new government will have a very fractured upper house. Ashlee Betteridge outlines the views on aid held by some of those who will be sit on the crossbenches.
  • The Centre for Global Development has an interesting panel discussion on what tomorrow’s aid agencies should look like:

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