By Chloe Hickey-Jones, an intern in the Institute's Melanesia Program

  • As the World Humanitarian Summit kicks off today in Istanbul, check out ODI’s latest report on humanitarian assistance, ‘Time to Let Go: A three-point proposal to change the humanitarian system’.
  • Christina Bennett reflects on three tests that will measure the World Humanitarian Summit’s success.
  • A report to be released at the Summit will show half of schools in Syria, Palestinian territories, Lebanon and Jordan have been closed or damaged due to conflict.
  • On Devpolicy Darren Brunk, the Council for International Development's humanitarian coordinator in New Zealand, discusses why he will attend the Summit, even though Medecins Sans Frontieres will not.
  • The Centre for International Media Assistance has examined the function of media communication initiatives in humanitarian efforts.
  • Why is Kenya trying to close the world’s largest refugee camp? This Buzzfeed report sheds some light.
  • The World Bank has launched its Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF), the first insurance market for pandemic risk to help protect economies. Read about its aims and objectives here.
  • Discover the #AllMalePanels in Global Development  phenomenon at the goats and soda blog at NPR.
  •  Listen to this podcast about why 65 million children across the globe cannot access adequate education. 

International aid has helped some Syrian kids get back to school in Lebanon (Photo courtesy of Flickr user UKAID)