Sunday 20 Jan 2019 | 01:15 | SYDNEY
Sunday 20 Jan 2019 | 01:15 | SYDNEY

Aid & development links: Unpaid interns, Make Poverty History, USAID and more



17 August 2015 13:52

  • With global headlines about the Kiwi who lived in a tent during his UN internship, a WhyDev discussion on paid versus unpaid internships in the development sector.
  • Does international law create a right to humanitarian assistance?
  • Straight talk about the successes and failures of the Make Poverty History campaign.
  • 'I quit my development job and ate humble pie'. Guardian post reflects on working in development versus living in a developing country.
  • Does the developing world need a welfare state to eliminate poverty? Brookings blog series provides a historical perspective on the welfare state.
  • USAID adopts flashy new 'story-telling' application with 'stories to inspire the end of extreme poverty'. Worth a look.  
  • From Lapham's Quarterly, an infographic on where the UN, World Bank and eleven nations send foreign aid:

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