• WhyDev presents its World Cup of Human Development. Compare your favourite teams in the 'Global Development World Cup' interactive. And want to learn more about Brazil? This World Without Poverty site has some great info, videos and other links.
  • A new female entrepreneurship index has some lessons for organisations wanting to support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. 
  • Another UNSC temporary seat candidature campaign, another round of new development assistance. This time it's Turkey and it is courting Pacific Island votes.
  • The booming protein business: as incomes rise, so does demand for meat and dairy.
  • ICYMI: @LowyInstitute launched an excellent paper by NYU academic Richard Gowan who positively reviews Australia's term on the UNSC. 
  • Arvind Subramanian from the Center for Global Development has an eclectic reading list about economic development.
  • What will happen to aid in the post-2015 era? How should the old aid model change? Important new paper from ODI & UNDP.
  • The World Resources Institute has launched Global Forest Watch, using satellites and big data to monitor deforestation: