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Aid links: counterpoint to China’s “debt-trap”, malaria vaccine, more

Links and stories from the aid and development sector.

Malaria control efforts during the Second World War (Photo: National Museum of Health and Medicine/Flickr)
Malaria control efforts during the Second World War (Photo: National Museum of Health and Medicine/Flickr)
Published 1 May 2019   Follow @AlexandreDayant

  • China has renegotiated US $50 billion in loans to developing countries in recent year, according to the findings of a new study, countering the talk of debt-trap diplomacy that surrounds Beijing’s loan activity.
  • Good news! We might have found a vaccine against malaria, one of the world deadliest disease for children. The vaccine isn’t perfect, but testify of great progress towards eradication.
  • Fiona Ryan questions the latest figures from the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development on climate financing to developing countries, underlining the crucial difference between existing and new projects.
  • According to Agnes Rola, a water crisis in the Philippines is the result of three factors: poor planning, fragmented and multiple institutions governing the water sector, and a lack of coherence in water property rights and responsibilities.
  • In a briefing to the UN Security Council, Geir Pedersen, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria, said “action and tangible progress” is needed between Syrian Government and opposition leaders, not only dialogue, to bring about lasting peace.
  • Mozambique has been affected by Cyclone Kenneth over the past week, and heavy rains are expected to continue in the coming days across the north of the country, making access to the most remote areas difficult, according to the UN.
  • If you study intimate partner violence in low income countries, you should consider applying to this new IPA research initiative by May 17.
  • Also, if you are interested in Australian aid or Pacific labour mobility, have a look at the new Research or Policy Fellow position offered at Devpolicy. Details here. Closing date 12 May.

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