Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 21:42 | SYDNEY
Thursday 22 Feb 2018 | 21:42 | SYDNEY

Australia's election: It's 3:49pm on election eve...



23 November 2007 14:49

...and neither major party has released a foreign policy document.

Wait, wait. That's unfair. I see on their website that the Liberal Party released its foreign policy yesterday. But given we had to wait five weeks and five days of a six-week campaign, that might actually make it more insulting than not releasing anything at all.

Clearly the Labor Party is much more mindful of the electorate's feelings than that, so decided to go without a foreign policy document altogether. Labor can point to chapter 14 of its National Platform and Constitution as an overarching foreign policy statement, but that's still a stretch. After all, they saw fit to produce an Official Election Policy Document on trade (though again, it was only released on Wednesday), so why not foreign policy?

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