Over the last few months, you might have noticed that The Interpreter has gotten busier.

The Lowy Institute made a decision late last year to invest in a bigger, more ambitious Interpreter, and since early this year we have increased the number of items we post each day. More specifically, we have substantially increased — and improved — our Asia coverage. This initiative is part of the Lowy Institute's Engaging Asia Project, which was established with the financial support of the Australian Government.

So far we've placed particular attention on Indonesia, and we have brought you what I think is the most comprehensive coverage in Australia of our key neighbour in its crucial election year. Already this year we've featured work from Joanne Sharp, Gary Hogan, Tom McCawley, Wawan Mas'udi, Peter McCawley, Stephen Grenville and Catriona Croft-Cusworth.

One of our aims has been to establish a roster of regular contributors who could write about Asia, from Asia.

We now have four such contributors: Catriona Croft-Cusworth in Jakarta, Elliot Brennan in Yangon (and frequently other parts of Southeast Asia), Robert Kelly in Busan, and Vaughan Winterbottom in Beijing (though he also spends a lot of time in Oxford). There are also many occasional contributors who have enriched our Asia coverage this year; we have a dedicated Contributors page with links to all their work.

But we want to do even more. In particular, we'd like to improve our coverage of Japan and India, where we don't yet have regular contributors.

So if you know someone who might be suited to a contributor role, or if you just have thoughts about what The Interpreter is doing right and wrong, let us know through the Disqus comments thread or send an email to blogeditor@lowyinstitute.org.

Photo by Flickr user John Keogh.