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Andrew Carr

Andrew Carr is a Senior Lecturer in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University. His publications include work on Australian foreign and strategic policy, defence studies, middle power theory and Asia-Pacific security.

His latest book Winning the Peace: Australia's campaigns to change the Asia-Pacific (MUP, 2015) examines how Australia has tried to influence Asia's security and economic order. He is the co-editor of Asia-Pacific Security: An Introduction (Georgetown University Press 2016) and Australian Foreign Policy: Controversies and Debates (Oxford University Press, 2014). Andrew is also the editor of the Centre of Gravity policy paper series, and a co-editor of the peer-reviewed journal Security Challenges.

Dr Carr is a frequent media commentator for both Australian and Southeast Asian press. Andrew previously worked as Associate Editor for the Lowy Institute for International Policy and is a recipient of the Herbert Burton Medal from the University of Canberra

Articles by Andrew Carr (10)

  • Rudd: 'Engagement' and asylum seekers

    One area of policy difference between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard immediately raised after last night's leadership change is asylum seekers. After all, it's one of the biggest challenges in terms of policy and votes facing the Government, and Rudd famously declared he did not want to see the party 'lurch to the right' on the issue on the night he was deposed three years ago. However, a left/right analysis of Rudd and Gillard's approach to the issue misleads far more than it reveals.