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Derek Lundy

Derek Lundy is a policy engagement advisor at the ANU's National Security College where he is responsible for helping lead the College’s contribution to policy making on national security issues. He's previously worked at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Office of National Assessments and the Council on Foreign Relations. Derek studied international security and economics at the University of Chicago and John Hopkins University.



Articles by Derek Lundy (2)

  • It's not looking good for the TPP in US Congress

    Are the Blue Dog Democrats to blame for US inaction on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement? Well, at least partially.  With the World Trade Organization stalling, regional agreements like the TPP are the next best option for making international trade easier and cheaper. And with trade growth slowing they are more important than ever.
  • How to respond to China's 'salami tactics' in South China Sea

    With China set to reject the upcoming ruling on the South China Sea by the UN's Permanent Court of Arbitration, what’s the next step to containing the simmering dispute? President John Kennedy’s 'flexible response' strategy might provide an answer. In early 1961, Kennedy and Defence Secretary Robert McNamara realised that the US’ massive nuclear arsenal could help prevent major war with the Soviet Union, but could not be relied on for emerging challenges; lower-level conflict and intimidation in