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Dirk van der Kley

Dirk van der Kley is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Australian National University. He previously worked as a Reserach Associate in the East Asia Program at the Lowy Institute.  Prior to joining the Institute, Dirk worked in China as a translator and in business development.

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  • China links: Salafism, Afghanistan, urban segregation, Kenny G and more

    Danwei has published its annual list of the best China blogs. Plenty of hints here for good China reading. Chinese firms are ramping up R&D spending, although it is still a fraction of US spending. Xi Jinping wants his nation to build think tanks with international reputations, but adds they should be led by the Party and exhibit Chinese characteristics.
  • China's Afghanistan policy: Testing the limits of diplomacy

    In just two months' time, international forces in Afghanistan will hand over security responsibility to local personnel. In preparation for the handover, and the eventual withdrawal of foreign militaries, Beijing has substantially raised its traditionally low-key diplomacy in the country. China has pursued dozens of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic mechanisms with Afghanistan and surrounding countries that have focused on the issue of security.
  • China links: Big Daddy Xi, collective leadership, rule of law, bullet trains and more

    I love this title (translated by China Media Project): Ten arts one-liners from 'Big Daddy Xi' (Original Chinese : ?????????? China's reform era is over and the country is slowly closing to the outside again, argues Carl Mizner.  Water availability will determine China's future energy mix. China Central Television may finally move into the uniquely shaped building (aka 'big pants') that was built before Olympics to house the organisation.  Shen Dingli writes that China's leadership system should
  • China links: Urbanisation, Russian sanctions, Chinese classics, spies, PLA and more

    Washington's reactive parroting of a 'new type of great power relations' is costly, so  the US should put forward its own version of China-US great power relations, argue Andrew Erickson and Adam Liff.  China's Central Bank sees very little chance of a hard landing. Economics professor Li Gan contends China's urbanisation will not drive as much demand for new housing as many think, in part because some researchers neglect reclassification of land as a source of new city dwellers, and these peopl
  • China links: Phantom staff, Japanese TV, tuna fishing, Xi-Abe, Hong Kong and more

    162,629 'phantom' staff (officials who have been receiving salaries but not working) have been sacked in the last year. A Xi Jinping-Shinzo Abe meeting is not that important. In a draft prospective to investors ahead of a public listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Chinese tuna company CTIG admits it breaches international fishing agreements but adds there is little risk of being held responsible because quotas are not binding. Hong Kong protests, which are ebbing but not over,  could actual
  • China Links: Hong Kong, guns, US-China, Yellow River, Xinjiang and more

    James Millward on China's fruitless repression of the Uighurs.  The SMH reports the Chinese embassy in Canberra tried to prevent the Australian ABC airing last night's Foreign Correspondent program on Uighurs.   Beijing to deploy a live fish carrier to the South China Sea. Wu Jianmin argues China-US relations are basically in good shape, despite challenges.
  • China links: LGBT, Sunflower Movement, CO2, trolling, seed sovereignty and more

    For the first time, China surpasses the EU in per-capita CO2 emissions. Beijing is clamping down harder than ever on foreign internet companies. At the same time, Beijing's paid online trollers are going global. China Daily op-ed argues that 'Measures need to be adopted to block the judicial loopholes for corrupt officials to escape punishment by committing suicide.' Why does the West continue to get China wrong?
  • China links: Fourth plenum, dyslexia, anti-trust, Hong Kong, ISIS, PLA and more

    John Garnaut: China's rise, can it really continue? A researcher at a think tank affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce has blasted anti-trust probes. There looks to be some competition with the National Development and Reform Commission, which is in charge of the probes.  Latest Sinica podcast on IS, China-Middle East and China-US relations. The US may outspend China militarily, but the PLA gets more bang for its buck.
  • China links: Ukraine, SOEs, constitutionalism, national humiliation, theme parks and more

    Lyle Goldstein argues some Chinese analysts appreciate Russia's approach to the Ukraine, and that they have only limited concerns about the implications of Crimea's secession.  Nick Lardy: the role of state-owned enterprises in the Chinese economy is overstated. (H/t @pipbrant.) Stunning snaps of imperial-era China. And also some beautiful photos from 19th and 20th century Asia.