Elaine Jeffreys

Elaine Jeffreys is Professor in the School of International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney. Elaine is the author of Governing HIV in China, with Su Gang (2018, Routledge); Sex in China, with Haiqing Yu (2015, Polity);Prostitution Scandals in China: Policing, Media and Society (2012, Routledge) andChina, Sex and Prostitution (2004, Routledge). She is the editor of New Mentalities of Government in China, with David Bray (2016, Routledge); Celebrity Philanthropy, with Paul Allatson (2015, Intellect); Celebrity in China, with Louise Edwards (2010, Hong Kong University Press); China’s Governmentalities: Governing Change, Changing Government (2009, Routledge); and Sex and Sexuality in China (2006, Routledge).

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