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Emilia Christoforou

Emilia Christoforou was a Research Associate at the Lowy Institute working to the Executive Director. Prior to joining the Institute in October 2014, Emilia spent four years as an analyst at the Department of Defence. During this time she was seconded as a Defence Adviser to the Australian High Commission in Islamabad, and deployed to Headquarters International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan in Kabul. Emilia holds a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from the Victoria University of Wellington, and is currently completing a Master of Laws at the Australian National University. Her work at the Lowy Institute focused on Australia’s national security interests, Military issues and defence policy

Articles by Emilia Christoforou (2)

  • Are peace talks in Afghanistan slowly taking shape?

    In a positive sign for political reconciliation in Afghanistan, an Afghan Government delegation recently met with Taliban representatives in Qatar – ostensibly for a research conference, but most likely to discuss the commencement of formal peace talks. Representatives from Pakistan also attended. These 'open discussions' build on a history of back-channel negotiations between the Taliban and the international community, and US-sponsored attempts to begin formal peace talks.
  • Russia is back in the Pacific

    The Russian Navy is getting closer to Australia than we're used to, and beyond the bluster of 'shirtfronting' we don't seem to have a coherent policy response to a more active Russia in our 'near abroad'. Russian Navy officers and the Slava-class cruiser Varyag. As my colleague James Brown wrote earlier this week, Russian ships have conducted live fire drills in the South China Sea, visited Indonesia and now a convoy of four vessels is in international waters near Queensland.