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Eve Warburton

Eve Warburton joined the Department of Political and Social Change at Australia National University in 2013 where she is researching natural resource policy in Indonesia. Eve has a BA (Languages) (Hons) from the University of Sydney and an MA in Human Rights from Columbia University, where she focused on the human rights responsibilities of businesses. Her research interests include the relationship between business and politics, and the politics of natural resource policy in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region. Eve’s work has been published in Inside Indonesia, The Alternative Law Journal, andSoutheast Asia Research.

Articles by Eve Warburton (1)

  • Indonesia: Why economic nationalism is so popular

    The rise of economic nationalism in Indonesia has attracted criticism from Australian economists, bureaucrats and policy analysts. Among the many insightful analyses that have appeared in recent weeks, there has been little reflection on the popular resonance of nationalist interventions. Yet the ideological dimension of economic nationalism, and the public support its elicits, are fundamental for understanding the rise and resilience of nationalist policy-making in contemporary Indonesia.